The advantages and services of escrow are essential to the completionof your property transaction.  ESCROW NW state-wide services include the handling of all types of escrow transactions: 

  • Residential
  • Vacant Land
  • Commercial Properties
  • Multiple Dwellings

Escrow Service Provides Benefits:

*Assumes the responsibility for a complete and accurate closing. 

*Protects the funds of the buyer and the title of the seller. 

*Allows complete confidence to be maintained between buyer and seller. 

*Corresponds with all parties involved. 

*Assured all parties that the title to the property is in marketable condition.

*Secures fire insurance on any improvements, protecting all parties. 

*Prorates and adjusts taxes, interest, insurance, rents. 

*Assures complete confidentiality of the transaction. 

*Assembles all documents and forms required.

*Files all necessary documents of public record. 

*Pays all fees related to the transfer of property. 

*Prepares and issues final settlement statements. 

  • Mobile Homes 
  • Personal Property
  • Tax Deffered Exchanges